What can I cook on my COBB?

Anything! The COBB Cooker works like a convection oven and stove top. As a result, your COBB can cook anything you can cook in a kitchen. The COBB Cooker is able to, grill, roast, steam, bake, and fry.
Even desserts can be made on a COBB.
Some favourites are pizzas, steaks, whole chickens, bread and roast vegetables.

How much charcoal should I use?

The COBB cooker uses about 6-10 briquettes or around 300g of charcoal depending on what you want to cook. Use more for large pieces of meat/poultry and less for items like bread/scones/cakes etc..

The CobbleStone can take the place of the charcoal briquettes, use a complete CobbleStone for meals.
The CobbleStone can also be broken in half for when you do cook bread/scones/cakes etc.

How to light my COBB?

The COBB is simple to light, here are 2 ways:

The CobbleStone: The CobbleStone uses a rapid ignition technology. All you have to do is hold a flame to it for 20 seconds and then place it back into the fire grid once it starts self-igniting off the flame (should you have any issues with the CobbleStone due to them being very old then use a thumb-nail sized piece of firelighter in the base under the fire grid and this will have the CobbleStone alight in seconds).

Briquettes/Charcoal: Use 2 or three small pieces of firelighter, placed on the base under the fire grid. Ignite these and place the fire grid, with your briquettes/charcoal in it, over the lit firelighters.

Can I use my COBB indoors?

The COBB uses charcoal as a fuel source and as a result produces Carbon Monoxide which is poisonous and can lead to serious adverse health effects and even death. However, the COBB Cooker is safe enough to use in a sheltered area such as a balcony or under a patio roof as long as there is good ventilation and air circulation.

Why does my COBB leak liquid out the bottom of the base?

The COBB has a built-in moat inside the Inner Sleeve into which liquid can be added to facilitate with steaming or cooking. The moat is designed to hold about 200ml of liquid. Any more than this will result in some excess liquid leaking out the bottom..

How do I clean my COBB?

The COBB is dishwasher safe so it is very simple to clean. Be careful of using abrasive pads on certain parts as it could cause damage. For more details refer to the COBB User Manual included in the COBB Cooker box or download it from the COBB Global site.

How long can I cook on the COBB Cooker?

The COBB is designed to be very economic and with as little as 300g of charcoal it can be used for up to 2 hours depending on cooking method, amount of food and cooking habits.

Where can I find recipes for the COBB Cooker?

There are recipes available on the here. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular recipes and cooking tips.

How to Replace a Part

All parts of the COBB are available separately and can therefore be replaced if necessary. Look here for an overview of all individual parts.

Note: If you have a COBB modelthat is a bit older,
first check in the store whether the part you want to replace fits well on
your COBB.

How do you regulate the temperature of the COBB?

Do you want to be able to control the temperature of your COBB while cooking? This is possible with the COBB Premier Air. By largely closing the holes in the air regulation you can lower the temperature in the COBB. By opening the holes again, the temperature rises.

What do I need if I am new to COBB?

Before use, check that the 3 rubbers in the COBB ring are in the right place. Pay attention to this. These rubbers are not packaging material, but part of the COBB! Do not place the base plate or COBB accessory on the COBB until the flames have disappeared and the Cobblestone orbriquettes are grey. Never place the lid without a base plate or COBB
accessory on the COBB. This is to prevent overheating of the COBB lid and knob. After grilling, remove the base plate or COBB accessories and the lid from the COBB.

What Fuel do I use?

The ideal fuel is the Cobblestone, an economical briquette made from natural materials. You can light the COBB with these. The Cobblestone gets hot within minutes, burns for about two hours and maintains a constant temperature.

You can also use the COBB with regular briquettes. It does take a little longer to heat up the COBB, about 15 minutes. The advantage is that you can determine the temperature yourself with the number of briquettes.

What option should you choose? Cobblestone or Briquettes?

You have the choice of using Cobblestone or briquettes – both options
deliver a tasty result. Do you want to start within a few minutes, and do you want a constant high temperature? Then the Cobblestone is a great choice. If you have more time and / or would you like a slightly lower
temperature, for example for baking, then briquettes are ideal to use.


Cobblestone is specially designed for the COBB- the briquettes are made of natural materials and ensures that your COBB is ready for use
within minutes. The lighting liquid has already been incorporated, so you don’t have to use firelighters, handy right? One Cobblestone provides
two hours of cooking pleasure. The Cobblestones are individually
packed airtight, waterproof in a box of six and therefore easy to carry.

Lighting the Cobblestone

You place the Cobblestone in the fire grid and light it. For
convenience, you can also first place a small piece of a firefighter at the bottom and light it. You put the cobblestone on it. This will then ignite even faster. After about three minutes, the COBB is up to temperature and ready for use. The Cobblestone will then no longer emit odour and



Ina few easy steps you can get started with your COBB using briquettes.

  1. Lighting firelighters
  2. Place 3 firelighters at the bottom of the COBB and light them
  3. Put the Briquettes on the firelighters
  4. Fill the briquette basket with about 12 briquettes. Then lift the
    basket with the supplied handle and place it in the COBB.
  5. Wait 10 to 15 minutes
  6. Once the smoke has gone, you can use the COBB. Enjoy!
Briquettes on the COBB
How do you clean the COBB?

It is best to clean the COBB with warm water and washing-up liquid. The COBB is extra easy to clean when it is still a bit warm. All stainless-steel
parts can also be put in the dishwasher. Do you want to make it extra
easy for yourself? Then use the aluminium disposable base.

Watch the video for how to quickly and easily clean the COBB.