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    Cobb Pro Black
    Cobb Pro Black
    Cobb Pro Black
    Cobb Pro Black
    Cobb Pro Black
    Cobb Pro Black

    Cobb Pro Black

    Our most popular product to date have been the Cobb Premier and Cobb Pro, they are also the products to have been in our range the longest. The Cobb Premier holds a stainless-steel finish as opposed to the Cobb Pro with a mild steel base. The Pro comes standard in Black. In their construction and functioning the Premier and Pro both equal in performance. Both providing a great cooking experience.

    All Pro models can be made using a variety of colours on request, when quantities make this viable.

    Design excellence

    Distinctive stainless steel design that is built to last. Uncompromising cooking style anywhere.

    Easy to clean

    Compatible with most dishwashers. Made from high grade hygienic stainless steel.

    Safe to handle

    Heat is contained on the inside and cool to the touch on the outside. Sturdy and safe.

    The Cobb Pro base is made from a mild steel base with an epoxy coating.


    Additional Accessories

    Cobb Cobblestones (6 PACK) R180.00
    Cobb Pizza Stone R260.00
    Frying Dish R500.00
    In Stock.




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