Cobb Disposable Sleeves 6’s


Designed to take all the effort out of cleaning your Cobb, our Disposable Inner Sleeve fits your Cobb like a glove leaving only the accessories used to be cleaned and the ashes to be emptied out.

We only use the highest quality food grade aluminium foil in our Disposable inner Sleeves.

Fit your Cobb Premier, Cobb Pro Black and Cobb Premier Gas.

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Cobb air

COBB Premier Air
Beheer die tempratuur baie goed
- Wimpie du Toit


Cobb Rotisserie & Dome Extension
Brilliant, chicken was tender juicy and delicious.
- Bruce Mills

Cobb Pro Black

Cobb Pro Black
The Best!!!
- Dewald

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Disposable Inner Sleeve
Cobb Disposable Sleeves 6’s


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