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Cobb Cobblestones 6 pack

1 x COBB CobbleStones [6 pack]

The CobbleStone hails from India and is made from the coconut by-product, this being the husk of the coconut. With the rapid ignition technology applied to our CobbleStones, the coal takes seconds to light, without the aid of a firelighter.Once lit, it takes approx. 3 minutes to stop smoking and is ready for you to start cooking in 5 minutes. With the Dome Cover in place, your COBB will reach up to 280°C in 30 minutes.

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Cobb Compact

1 x COBB Premier+ (with Griddle & Roast Rack)

The Reborn and Reengineered Premier+. It looks better and cooks better.

The premier+ now includes as standard the Fenced Roast Rack and the all new Griddle+ to the value of R870.

  • Equipped with a new dome and mesh design to allow for better airflow, more heat and improved cooking
  • Removable heat chamber which allows for easier cleaning
  • Improved handle allows for better grip
  • New top ring with 4 silicone grommets

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