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Why Purchase A COBB Compact?

Cobbing Questions Tips & Techniques

How To Use The COBB Rotisserie & Dome Extension

Cobbing Questions Tips & Techniques

Why Do We Say COBB Is Your Ultimate, All-In-One Cooker?

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How To Be The Ultimate Braai Master

Into the HOTTEST Outdoor Cooking Competition in our country - and we are so proud [...]

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A Summer of Love with COBB

It’s that time of the year again where you can literally smell the aroma of [...]

Essential COBB Accessories You Need

Your most essential COBB Accessories

So you’re thinking of purchasing a COBB, but there are SO many accessories available and [...]

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A COBBing Christmas

This Christmas, show off your kitchen skills - anywhere but the kitchen with COBB's versatility.


Cobbing Questions Why attend an in-store COBB Demo?

Why Attend an In-Store COBB Demo

While you’ll certainly get plenty of tips and advice right here on the website, attending [...]

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Cobbing Questions How to do a whole chicken on the COBB

How to do a Whole Chicken on the COBB

Wondering how to cook a whole chicken on the COBB? You may assume that such [...]

Essential COBB Accessories You Need Inspiration Station

Must-Have COBB Accessories You Need

To get the most from your cooking experience, it always helps to invest in a [...]

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What to Cook in The COBB Cooker

Wondering what to cook in your COBB cooker? A better question would be what can’t [...]

Tips & Techniques

How to Use The COBB Cooking System

Wondering how to use The COBB cooking system? This patented cooker offers a unique combination [...]

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Why Every Home Needs The COBB Cooker

Versatile, easy to use and sure to change the way you cook forever, The COBB [...]