COBB® Portable Compact Braai are made from premium stainless steel and it is the perfect portable/mobile braai – whether you are grilling in your small balcony, in the back of your 4×4 bakkie, inside your camping tent, on the back of your boat, next to the beach, alongside the dam or outdoors under the open sky. Being able to cook ANYTHING, it literally replaces your normal braai, air fryer, steamer, smoker, oven, stove top, skottel braai AND pizza oven. From braai-ing the perfect steaks to steaming vegetables, baking malva pudding to serving up restaurant quality pizza, roasting an entire chicken to smoking a freshly caught fish – COBB is the ULTIMATE portable outdoor braai & grill. Click below to get your hands on our best sellers:


“The campsite we're at, at the moment, doesn't have braai facilities, but that wasn't an issue! Our COBB came to the rescue! No getting smoked out, it was quick and easy, the perfect size for the 2 of us. We love that it doesn't get hot on the outside so you can manoeuvre it and use it wherever!”


“I love my Cobb! I was gifted it many years ago. I have done some serious damage to it but all the parts replaced and working amazingly. I still believe it's the best, most affordable and easy way to braai. I'm retired so I use it often for that smokey flavour."

Gail Head

“I have a carcoal Cobb with all the extras and Gas Cobb with some extras aswell. I love love love them. Worth every cent

Magda Ras

How  COBB  Works

  1. Dome:
  2. The Dome Lid transforms your portable grill into a portable oven. The holes in the top create a convention cooking effect and ensure even ventilation. It’s made with stainless steel and has a heat-resistant handle.

  3. Grill Grid:
  4. The Grill Grid comes standard with your grill (except the COBB Premier+) and has an easy to clean Teflon® non-stick coating. Use this grid to grill on directly or as a base for other accessories to rest on (Fenced Roast Rack & Pizza Stone). Perfect for healthy cooking as the excess fat drains away through the holes and into the moat.

  5. Fire Grid:
  6. This is where your fuel source is kept in. Place your CobbleStones or loose briquettes/charcoal in here.

  7. Stainless steel moat / Inner Sleeve:
  8. The Inner Sleeve houses the fuel source, and catches all excess fat. The moat can also be used for cooking vegetables. The Disposable Inner Sleeve rests inside the inner sleeve.

  9. Base:
  10. The Base houses the Inner Sleeve, and remains cool to the touch because of the Top Ring/Grommets separating the Sleeve from the base. It also features anti-slip rubber feet which keeps the base stable wherever you braai.

    All parts are replaceable and are also available separately. Every component of the COBB is dishwasher safe.

COBB® has 3 Prominent Product Features


COBB® was uniquely designed to make outdoor cooking aspirational, easy and enjoyable. The high-quality product is manufactured from high grade stainless-steel and is durable with no moving parts. 



COBB® removes the barriers of enjoying the outdoors and solves the perceived ‘inconvenience’ of outdoor cooking. These nifty cookers weigh no more than 4kg and are easily portable to any location.



Consumers want variety when cooking – to bake, smoke, grill, fry, roast and more. With its wide range of accessories, COBB® consumers get #moremeals, and #moreoptions when cooking outdoors.


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