COBB Peppermint Crisp S’mores

Serves 6-8

Cooking Time: 15 minutes


  • 2 packets (200g each) Tennis (coconut) biscuits
  • 1 slab (100g) dark or milk chocolate, chopped
  • 1 large slab (150g) Peppermint Crisp chocolate, chopped 
  • 10 giant marshmallows, halved
  • 1 can (360g) caramel


Light ½ Cobblestone and allow to burn for 5 minutes. Cover the roast rack with foil. Top your COBB with the grill grid and roast rack, cover with the dome and preheat for 20 minutes.

  1. Lay out half the biscuits on a chopping board or clean surface, and layer each one with the rest of the ingredients (in any order you like).
  2. Top with the remaining biscuits and transfer them to the roast rack.
  3. Place on the roast rack, cover with the dome and bake for 5–6 minutes, until chocolate and marshmallows have melted.

Instead of using biscuits, layer the filling on sweet pancakes (see Good Idea on page 32), or roll the filling ingredients up in shop-bought mini crêpes before heating in the COBB.