What to Cook in The COBB Cooker

What to Cook in The COBB Cooker blog post 1

Wondering what to cook in your COBB cooker? A better question would be what can’t you cook in a COBB. This versatile cooking system has revolutionised the way we cook, allowing you to cook up a huge variety of dishes. It is portable and easy to use, with a selection of accessories that enhance the cooking experience even further. Keep reading to find out what you can cook in the COBB cooker.

Cooking in Your COBB Cooker

From grilling to roasting, steaming, baking and frying, you can cook up a huge variety of meals in your COBB cooker. Here are just a few things you can cook:


The COBB is ideal for grilling and roasting. Used for camping, braais and outdoor cooking, its unique design allows meat to be cooked evenly and properly. Fat drips down into a tray, making meat healthier and tastier. The system is smokeless, with ventilation that further helps to cook meat to tender perfection. You can roast lamb, beef, pork and other red meats. You can also cook a whole chicken on the COBB.


This cooker is designed to cook a full meal at once. The stainless steel moat catches fat but it is also ideal for cooking veggies as your meat cooks on top. You can also cook skewers, stuffed mushrooms, eggplant, and various other side dishes on the main grill grid. Used with the lid on, the COBB becomes an oven. You can make a variety of baked dishes, from casseroles to pasta dishes. With a pizza oven accessory, you can even make pizza, quesadilla, pancakes and other dishes.


You can make a variety of desserts in this cooker – grilled, baked or fried. Cook up flapjacks and pancakes. Bake puddings, bread and cake with the well-ventilated lid used to turn the cooker into an oven. Try grilled fruits such as pineapple, banana or peaches. You can also make pies, tarts and other sweet dishes.

For more inspiration on the many, many delicious dishes you can cook in your COBB cooker, view our recipes page

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