Your most essential COBB Accessories

Your most essential COBB Accessories | COBB Online Blog

So you’re thinking of purchasing a COBB, but there are SO many accessories available and it can be costly to buy them all at once. But which accessories do you choose? How can you make the most out of your brand new COBB with as little accessories as possible? Well, look no further, herewith our two most essential COBB accessories:

COBB Fenced Roast Rack: The Roast Rack sits perfectly on the aluminium Grill Grid. Elevated from the Grill Grid, it offers you a cooking surface that prevents searing and allows heat to circulate around the meat – eliminating the need to constantly turn your food. It is perfect for baking savoury & sweet treats, making pies/quiche, roasting chicken/ribs/beef roast/leg of lamb/gammon/stuffed vegetables, braaing boerewors etc. As long as it fits on your rack, you’re right on track!

COBB Frying Dish: Where do we start? Our Frying Dish allows you to do so many things – from boiling to baking, frying to steaming. You can easily fry an egg, stew up your favourite veggies, boil your pasta water, cook a mouth-watering lamb curry and even bake a tart. Dish up a world of possibilities using your Frying Dish.

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