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While you’ll certainly get plenty of tips and advice right here on the website, attending a COBB demo is a great way to see this cooker in action. Demonstrations are done to showcase exactly what products can do, giving you a chance to ask questions at the same time. At an in-store COBB demo, you will get a much better understanding of how the cooker works, see how to make a few recipes and get some tips on which model to choose.

Top Reasons to Attend a COBB Demo

Here are just a few reasons to attend a COBB demo.

See the cooker in person.

Sometimes it can be hard to get an idea of any appliance without seeing it in person. You’ve watched many videos and had a look at the various cookers. But what does it actually look like? What are the parts for and how are they assembled? Getting a chance to see the cooker is very useful. You will have a much better idea of the size, the design and the look.

Find out how it works.

You will also see exactly how the cooker works. Demonstrators will cook a few different dishes, using the various parts and accessories. You will be able to ask questions directly. You will find out how the different parts work together and get advice on how to get the most from your cooker. You will also get expert tips on cleaning and caring for your cooker.

Choose the right model.

Finally, a demo will help you find out which model is the best option for your needs and budget. At a glance, the models may seem very similar. Viewing them on a website gives you some idea of the differences but seeing them in person is even better. The demonstrator will give you a rundown of each model, explaining the different features and answering any questions you might have on the different models. 

As you can see, an in-store COBB demo is a great way to see this innovative cooker in action, so that you can choose the ideal cooker.

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