Why Purchase an Anywhere BUT The Kitchen Recipe Book?

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Why Purchase an Anywhere BUT The Kitchen Recipe Book?

The COBB Cooker is freedom. It is not just a roasting oven, barbecue frill or frying stove. It is all of those, but so much more. It is a portable cooking system that liberates you from the kitchen and gives you the freedom to prepare any dish just about anywhere outdoors.

The COBB was created to take you places – and the Anywhere BUT The Kitchen Recipe Book was created to start a lifelong journey of creating delicious meals wherever your next adventure takes you.

There have been a few COBB recipe books over the years and this one continues that progression. South African Chef and food editor, Anke Roux, has crafted and curated 50 recipes to show you just how versatile the COBB can be.

Because the normal rules of meantimes don’t often apply when you’re travelling and cooking outdoors, we’ve divided this book into five themed sections that fulfill specific requirements. Sometimes you’ll have a lot of time to cook, other times you’ll want to eat and go:

1. Quick Fixes

Untitled design6

2. The Classics

Untitled design11
Untitled design12

3. Slow Cooked

Untitled design5
Untitled design10

5. Baking Treats

Untitled design4
Untitled design9

It also features a Recipe Finder at the back if you want to search by dietary requirement (vegetarian, chicken, fish etc.) as well as symbols on each recipe page indicating which COBB accessories you will ned to use. Use them as a “step-by-step” guide to producing spectacular dishes or as a trigger to inspire your own creations.

This book will jumpstart your COBB culinary journey – a journey of delicious meals and tasty experiences – ANYWHERE BUT THE KITCHEN.

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