How To Use The COBB Rotisserie and Dome Extension

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How To Use The COBB Rotisserie and Dome Extension

Imagine returning from your next outdoor adventure to a succulent, flavourful and crispy rotisserie chicken? The COBB Rotisserie and Dome Extension allows you to enjoy gourmet rotisserie styled meals, without all the hard work! Not only is it beautifully designed using the finest quality stainless steel to ensure durability, but it is also economical and fuel-efficient. The Dome Extension provides extra room for rotation whilst the battery powered motor does all off the hard work. Guaranteed to impress your campsite friends! But, how do you use it? By following these easy steps:

Step 1: Once unpackaged, remove the plastic seals from the sharp edges of your prongs/rotisserie forks.

Step 2: Add 1 x 1.5V battery into the motor and clip it closed (fun fact: the motor has a Forward-Reverse functionality making it convenient to turn directions).

Step 3: Place a CobbleStone in your Fire Basket followed by your choice of the following accessories; BBQ Kit, Griddle+ or Grill Grid

Step 4: Screw in the Bakelite handle onto the one side of your skewer, before placing your first rotisserie fork on the skewer

Step 5: Pierce the skewer into your meat of choice and add the second fork

Step 6: Fasten both bolts until secured, then adjust your forks to centre your meat

Step 7: Position your skewer into the motor end, rest the skewer on Dome Extension and locate motor retaining pin

Step 8: Secure your meat on the skewer by tying up any loose hanging ends and then test run the unit by switching on the motor to ensure the meat is secured

Step 9: Light your CobbleStone and wait until the smoking has stopped and your stone is ready to use – then add the Dome Extension & Rotisserie onto your Grill and switch the motor on

Step 10: Cover with Dome and wait for the magic to happen

TIPS when using your Rotisserie and Dome Extension:

  • For a dark and crispy skin, leave the Grill Grid and Dome off for the first 10 minutes.
  • Balance is KEY: Make sure the size of the meat fits comfortably inside so that it can easily rotate without touching the sides of your COBB. Remember to properly secure your meat in the centre of your skewer and ensure there are no loose hanging ends by tying them up with butchers twine.
  • It’s best to use your COBB outside when using the Rotisserie, as it will smoke more when a fatty meat is used (especially when making use of the BBQ Kit as your grilling surface).
  • Be sure to add butter to the outside of your chicken: this keeps the chicken moist and juicy.
  • Be cautious when using a sugar loaded basting, as this will char the outside of your meat (rather add the sweet basting 10 minutes before your meat is ready).
  • Let your meat rest for 5 to 10 minutes before carving – this allows the interior juices to settle, keeping the meat tender and making the carving easier.
  • For easy cleaning, all of components BUT the motor are dishwasher friendly.

Make sure to bookmark the following instruction video to make it easier to access on your next adventure!

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